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Hostile Environment Training

Hostile Environment Training Courses are designed for individuals or teams travelling and working in hostile/volatile or potently hostile/volatile regions of the world.

The ability to successfully achieve global responsibilities whilst ensuring employee safety and security is paramount to enduring successful business whatever the company or organisations role may be. (Media, Corporate, NGOs or Government)

Whether threats come from unstable country infrastructure, high threat of crime or possible terrorist activities each Hostile Environments course is bespoke and tailor made for the client, after consultation, to fully prepare their employees before deployment and therefore address and reduce potential risk.

Full course duration is normally delivered over a 5-day intensive period with 3-day refresher courses for previously trained people however course duration will depend on applicable course content.

Our full Hostile Environment course is accredited with the following; Charted Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Institute of Mines Clearance Engineers (IMCE).

Full individual certification is awarded reflecting this.


Possible Course Content can Include:

Risk Analysis / Risk Mitigation - Pre-travel threat assessments and mitigating strategies

Pre Deployment Planning - Specific country orientation methods

Contingency Planning - Emergency extraction procedures

Personal Safety & Security - All aspects of personal and team safety and security

Route Planning / Vehicle Search / Preparation - Safety and security during team movement

Navigation Training - Navigational methods including emergency procedures

Hostile Surveillance Awareness - Identification of intrusive activities

Communications Overview - Limited and minimal infrastructure capabilities

Conflict Resolution Training - The ability to defuse conflict situations

Interactive Situation Awareness Training - Response process role play

Working with Security Organisations - Interaction for successful solutions

Life Saving Skills - Live saving techniques, health and hygiene.

Surviving Hostile Munitions - Survival equipment and techniques

Mines & Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Education - Survivability

Kidnap Mitigation / Survival - Anti-kidnap methods and worst case scenario survival

Introduction to Operating in a CBRN Environment - Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear protection methods